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WordPress: Export Posts with Featured Image

August 26, 2021

When come to a blog migration it always kind of stress. You never knows, sometimes it goes smoothly or sometimes it doesn’t. Do they need import all of them? Do I need to transfer all of the Authors? Some of the old posts have broken…

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WordPress: How to insert Emoji

August 3, 2021

WordPress supports Emoji, the block editor can easily insert a built-in Emoji. Mac users (Yosemite OS and above) Insert an emoji by tapping Command + Control + Space while in the editor. Windows users (Version 8 or newer) There is a special touch keyboard with emoji support. On the keyboard,…

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WordPress: How to work on locally

July 28, 2021
Code & Snippet

I used to use MAMP for the local development. I even paid for Pro version to get HTTPS. Found a new Tool, DevKinsta This month I started to use DevKinsta. You need docker to run the DevKinsta but I like it a lot. Especially how easy to set…

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Hello world!

July 21, 2021
All about Dev

Hi there, this is Yuki. I’m a web developer who specialized in WordPress development. I build this site to keep my dev stuff one place. It may or may not help you but if it does give me a high five 🙌

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